Intellectual Property Services


IntellectuAl Property services

The department’s major concern is to help clients secure and manage intellectual property rights as well as litigating or otherwise resolving intellectual property problems locally, regionally and internationally. Samora & First’s significant role involves helping clients maximize the value of their intellectual property while minimizing the risk of liability. Patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights, and other intellectual property can represent a substantial portion of a company’s asset value. Samora & First, through its IP Department helps clients protect and commercialize their technology and other IP assets, align their IP management practices with the company’s overall business goals, implement strategies to preserve and protect IP assets, and analyze the real value and commercial potential of intellectual property, whether it is developed by the client or acquired from third parties.



We advise our clients on securing trademark rights, perform searches and render viability opinions. We file hundreds of applications annually for trademark registrations and monitor all our clients’ domestic and foreign registered trademarks. We further represent our clients in trademark and copyright infringement matters especially those relating to piracy and counterfeiting. As strategists, we offer advice on trademark and/or design registration strategy through pre-filing reports – including basic or full clearance availability searches as well as brand creation, competitor profiling and risk evaluation.

Brand/Advertising Agency Support

Samora & First provides advertising or brand agencies with IP management advisory services. A partnership with us gives these entities an opportunity to assist their clients to secure the protection and enforcement of their IP rights. Such a relationship ensures a seamless end-to-end service for their valued clients. We conduct trademark clearance searches that can prevent infringement of existing trademarks when clients are engaged in a brand naming process.

IP Auditing

Intellectual Property is a valuable strategic and financial asset that sits in any organization’s balance sheet. It is a leverage tool in financial and strategic partnerships. However, its value and strategic benefits are lost due to poor or non-existing strategic IP management. Such poor management raises potential liabilities through infringement of third party IP rights.

We offer IP Auditing services on an ongoing basis leading to establishment of comprehensive IP Asset Registers and appropriate management processes. The process involves identification of existing and/or other under - utilised or unused IP assets, whether owned or belonging to third parties. During the IP Audit exercise, we transfer valuable knowledge to client teams. However, tailor made in-house training sessions assist raise IP awareness throughout the organization. Resultantly, our clients are able to use their employees for enforcement of their IP rights and also reduce the risk of third party IP infringements. We customize our training sessions according to client needs and goals. We are only a click away from achieving your goals.

IP Training

Samora & First offers Intellectual Property awareness and training as a cost effective long-term investment. Such training results in better utilization of intellectual property, more revenue lines in terms of out-licensing and establishment of partnerships, more effective internal IP management policies and procedures, improved efficiency and joint ventures. The training that we offer is customized to meet individual client needs.

IP Protection

We offer IP registration services in the MENA region and our associate office in Zimbabwe is a registered Agent of the African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation (ARIPO) covering 19 African countries. In that capacity we offer IP services such as searches, trademark, patent and industrial design filings among other IP related services. Our IP experts are reliable and dependable.


We prepare, file and prosecute local and regional patent applications. Similarly, we negotiate and prepare technology-intense agreements including material transfer, sponsored or collaborative research, licensing and IP asset assignment agreements. Other related services include patent research and analytics, patent infringement and validity reports, freedom to operate reports, non-infringement and invalidity opinions, where appropriate. In IP transactions including mergers and acquisitions, we execute IP audits and due diligence analyses.


“intellectual property is the oil of the twenty first century”

- Mark Getty

Other Services offered by our IP Department:

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P Education (Seminars, symposiums, meetings and workshops)

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IP Incentive Programs for Employees

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IP Policy Development.

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Assignment & Licensing of IP rights.

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Negotiating and Drafting of IP agreements.

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IP Due Diligence for Mergers & Acquisitions

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IP Portfolio Management

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IP Research & Analytics

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IP Risk Management

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IP Strategies for Startups