Offshore Company Formations



Samora & First will simplify business set up processes from company formations, licensing, permits to bank accounts in an efficient and cost-effective manner. These services allow the client time to focus on organizing their business operations. We capitalise on our strategic partnerships and relationships with various company setup agents in the Middle East, Africa and other regions.



The UAE provides many registration and licensing options to entrepreneurs and start-up companies and we advise on the appropriate options for each client. We offer affordable pricing plans, including packages with business center services and a number of premium support services. For SMEs and entrepreneurs, this helps reduce overheads such as rent, design services and saves on time.

In addition, our IP department assists businesses that wish to commercialise their intellectual property, either through start-ups or simple expansion of products and technology, whilst the strategy and governance department assists with the formulation and implementation of a winning strategy.

Samora & First, through its IP Department help clients commercialize IP assets, align their IP management practices with the company’s overall business strategy, implement methods that preserve and protect IP assets, and analyze the real value and commercial potential of intellectual property, whether developed in-house or acquisition of third party rights.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
— Mark Twain


• Your business can be set up for as little as 17,000 AED, with payment instalments if required. • The trade license must be renewed each year.
• Your registration can be completed in just over one week.
• Your company can be 100% owned by you. • You will pay no income or corporate tax and all profits can be repatriated.
• You will be able to get UAE residency visas for your dependents or employees. • No upfront capital is required.
• No annual audit is required.


Understanding the UAE’s free zones

The United Arab Emirates has long been known as one of the trading capitals of the world – ideally positioned between the vast and emerging markets of America, Europe, Asia and North Africa. But it has not always been that way.

After the discovery of oil in the mid-1960s, the UAE began its transformation into a financial epicentre. For the first 20 years of this transformation, however, the city’s relatively small population and reliance on oil money meant it lacked the economic diversity to fully take advantage of its position on the world stage.

The powers that be across the UAE quickly decided they had to take steps in order to counteract this problem. And so they began to diversify the economy by making the region attractive to a wider array of industries – essentially opening up the country to a much greater influx of foreign investment by making the investment climate more attractive.

One step that played a big role in this was the development of the UAE free zone concept. The original free zone opened in the 1908s, setting the template for the many that followed, and today there are almost 40 across the UAE.


WE cover the following jusidictions



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Choose your business activity and identify total costs for your package

We’ll help you decide on the business activity which best suits your business and its needs (you can have multiple business activities under one trade license). We’ll also identify exactly what your total costs will be based on your specific package requirements.

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Finalise your company name

We’ll perform a quick check to make sure your name is clear to register. If it’s not, we’ll help you decide on a suitable alternative.

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Finalise all incorporation paperwork

Here we finalise the registration paperwork before managing your license process with the government.

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Receive your license notification

Once we receive your company license, you’ll be immediately contacted so you can come and pick up the corporate documents.

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Open a bank account

You now have all the paperwork needed to open your corporate bank account. If requested, we will introduce you to specialist advisors in a number of the main banks to make it even easier.

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Process your visa

If you require a visa, we will guide you through the process.