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Innovative and integrated solutions to complex problems.


Samora & First is a Strategy & Intellectual Property Consulting Firm with an Associate firm, Palladium Strategy and IP Consultants Zimbabwe, that has a regional spread in Africa and the Middle East.


Strategy & Management cOnsulting

Samora and First is a Strategy and Intellectual Property consulting company based in Dubai with associate offices in Zimbabwe and South Africa. We specialize in corporate strategy formulation and development, growth and/ competitive strategy development. We support companies achieve turnaround initiatives, mergers and acquisitions including post merger integration. We offer a full turn key approach working with our clients from appraisal and analysis of the current position all the way to implementation providing  project management and performance improvement of management processes, business model reconfiguration and strategy implementation.

Intellectual Property Services

Samora & First has an Intellectual Property (IP) Management and Advisory Services Division. This division works closely with the Strategy and Corporate Governance experts because we realize that the overall corporate strategy must inform the corporate IP strategy. Our IP experts will assist our clients identify, register, protect and grow their IP portfolios in sync with the corporate strategy, commercialization, enforcement of IP rights and management of the risks associated with IP infringement.

offshore Company FOrmations

The main advantage offered by the UAE free zones is that foreign investors can retain 100% of their businesses without the need for a local partner. Outside of free zones, non-UAE residents are not allowed a majority stake in their business if that business requires a commercial or industrial license, and must therefore set up with a local partner who takes a minimum ownership of 51%. Other free zone financial incentives include a 0% corporate and income tax rate, no customs duties levied on imports and exports, and the option to repatriate 100% of the profits from the business.


We concentrate on helping you practically realize your strategic plans


Our Differentiators

The Samora & First top team leads all the client engagements. Our approach is highly interactive and participatory, resulting in focus on key strategic issues, thereby providing an issue-based approach. We are the trusted advisors to chief executive officers as we offer advice and assistance from concept formulation to implementation.

High Delivery

The high-end deliverables for our discerning clientele include:

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Determination of future strategy and growth patterns


Improved corporate performance and competitive

turnaround initiatives

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Organic and inorganic growth strategies


Implementation of operating margins

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Mergers and acquisitions and post-merger

integration initiatives

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Risk management framework legal, operational

and strategic risk.

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Prepare clients for IPOs, compliance with listing

requirements, and attendant company



IP registers and related policies


Strategic programme implementation


Commercialisation of IP


IP registration, protection processes and

enforcement mechanisms

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Technology transfer