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Strategy & Management Consulting

Every executive faces the fundamental challenge of how to leverage instinct, expertise and a speedy response to market changes while sticking to the overall “game plan.” The navigation course is unpredictable, and business assumptions and market outlook can fundamentally metamorphosis overnight, but the executive must steer the ship keeping the vision and strategy in clear view.


How we can help?

Great businesses thrive for development of innovative ways to improve their performance and achieve ultimate growth. Samora & First offers you customised, efficient and reliable solutions. We design strategies for business growth through entrance into new markets and deepening presence in current markets. We advise clients on mergers and acquisitions, disinvestments through to restructuring and cost cutting measures. Our management solutions address all the key functions within your organization.

Our Corporate and Business Strategy experts work side by side with chief executives and their teams to create effective strategies and secure alignment across the organization, while tackling tough issues and making choices in the face of difficult questions and varied options. Our task is to ensure that clients formulate and communicate a clear strategic vision. This helps establish focus and alignment within the executive team who will carry the vision and implement the strategy across the business entity. More importantly, strategic agility builds up within the executive team enabling improved strategic discussions. Our deliverable is for the client to achieve measurable results on the bottom line and excite the stakeholders. Most importantly, we advise clients on critical business and management decisions.

Our strength is our ability to integrate Processes, Organizational Structure and Information Technology.

The Persuit of SHAREHOLDER VALUE Requires INNOVATIVE answers to COMPLEX questions


Competitive Strategies

Samora & First assists its corporate clients define competitive strategies in their different industries. Resultantly, clients are equipped to compete in the market, simultaneously creating new rules for the game. We are unique as we combine good planning with expertise at strategy formulation. Our perspective on growth strategies, or numerator management as we like to call it, focuses on how we can grow your organisation. Our growth strategies incorporate increasing revenue, identifying and building new markets and products as well as identifying new acquisitions. In this process, reconfiguring your company’s business model is a major step in creating future competitive advantage.

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Diversification & Growth

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Performance Improvement

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Investment Decisions

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Organisational Effectiveness & Efficiency

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Competitive & Winning Strategies

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Corporate Governance

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Business Model Configuration

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Quantum Change & Strategy Implementation


BIG RESults require big ambitions

- Heraclitus


Turnaround Interventions & Interim Management

Samora & First offers professional turnaround interventions and interim management services. Our firm believes that turnaround interventions are a must when the value of the turnaround is more than the value of liquidation or the value of the business on a distressed sale basis. We always advise our clientele that turnaround interventions fail when the plan is initiated and executed in similar fashion by the same management team that brought the company down on its knees. In addition, lack of confidence in management and their poor communication with creditors and stakeholders leads to unwillingness to support the intervention.

Similarly, if the interventions come in too late, with distractions drawing more attention than the crucial issues, success remains elusive. The process requires critical timing posts to be met, thereby achieving key intervention milestones. Employee buy in is critical as unilateral cuts may prove ineffective and lead to sabotage. Therefore, remedial action steps should be appropriate to the organisation and its challenges. A one-size-fits-all approach is bound to fail. Samora & First utilizes a proven methodological approach to managing turnaround interventions and our team has capacity to assist in implementing interim management requirements.

“In life change is inevitable, in business change is vital.”
— Warren G Bennis

Our approach is based on the following steps:

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Evaluate current conditions and causes

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Initiate damage control procedures

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Develop long term solutionS

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Stay alive through short term life support

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Develop reorganisation plan

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Communicate problems to all stakeholder groups

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Implement plan of reorganisation


Turnaround Interventions & Interim Management

Supply Chain & Logistics

At Samora & First, we navigate up and down the value chain to derive maximum advantage from our clients’ business activities. We critically consider ways to create new competitive spaces from which our clients can operate as well as improve supply chains and logistics. An efficient supply chain and logistics framework supports growth in both business and profitability, reduces time to market and builds customer loyalty.

Project Management

A strategy is only great if it is implemented with precision. Samora & First thrives to understand your business including market conditions, client needs, business opportunities and stakeholder expectations. One of the most complex challenges that executives are faced with today is the effective formulation, execution and measurement of strategy, in order to maximise shareholder value. In fact, the source of value has shifted, from tangible to intangible assets such as IP. This transition has brought in more complexities to the measurement of value. Hence Samora & First offers a combined package of corporate strategy and Intellectual Property.

Our team of experts assist clients drive strategic projects and change management to obtain measurable results. Thereafter we undertake a review of the strategy against results achieved. The team has extensive experience in strategy, turnarounds, IPOs, management processes, post-merger integration initiatives, governance, IP and risk management. Additional resources are obtained from a trusted pool of experts in various disciplines.


Menu of Specialised Programme and Project Management Services include:

• Project Management
• Project Management Office (PMO)
• Project execution planning & process • Project management support
• Arbitration and Litigation Consultancy • Time Management
• Scenario Planning
• Risk Management
• Design Process Management
• Documentation Management

• Project Governance • Resource Management
• Project Team Co-ordination
• Communication Management
• Quality Control & Assurance
• Cost Management
• Change Control Management
• Project Closure & Handover
• Contract Administration


“Effective performance is preceded by painstaking preparation”

- Brian Tracy

Performance Improvement

Business performance anchors on good, relevant and appropriate processes. Our perspective on performance improvement, or denominator management as we like to call it, focuses on methods of improving operating efficiency and business processes. Striking the right cord ensures that the right systems, people and practices are adopted to achieve organisational objectives.

In assisting our clients achieve their objectives, we evaluate whether the organizational structure supports the business model and whether clear performance measures have been established. We investigate whether all business processes are optimised and if the technology in use delivers on organisational goals.

Enhancing Organisational Performance

We enhance organisational performance through: Implementation of cost reduction strategies and continuous improvement processes; cascading Key Performance Indicators (to guide and measure performance); Business Turnaround Strategies and Process Improvement.

“Sustaining high business performance is product of continuos strategic alignment.”
— Med Yones

ATTAINING shareholder value requires innovative answers to complex questions.

Corporate Governance & Outsourced Company Secretarial Services

Corporate governance (CG) is the ‘institutional framework that regulates the division and exercise of power in the corporation.’ It combines corporate legislation and other factors surpassing the law. Hence CG has several sources ranging from national laws, internal and external regulations, social norms and international best practices. Within this context, CG embraces self-regulation, legal constraints and norms in enhancing disclosure and accountability.

At Samora & First, we assist our clients comply with regulations, legislation, international best practices relevant to their operations and stakeholder expectations. We further assist them in streamlining processes to ensure clear division of roles and responsibilities, succession planning, establish adequate business controls, risk management processes and procedures, audit trails, enhance accountability and communication with all stakeholders through appropriate disclosure.

We have worked closely with Company Secretaries across different industries, assisting them establish sound corporate governance systems that include corporate policy framework covering all aspects of business governance that include Human Capital and Recruitment Policies, Audit and Risk Management Policies, Delegation Policies to Board Charters and Committee Terms of Reference to name a few. We also guide Company Secretaries in how to become more effective in their roles as corporate gatekeepers and ensure corporate compliance over and above regulatory expectations. Similarly, we train senior

management including boards of directors, on issues pertaining to governance putting them up to speed with legislative changes and developments in CG. We also assist organisations evaluate the performance of their board of directors collectively and individually through a peer review process.

Samora & First also prepares companies for listing on primary and secondary stock exchanges to ensure compliance with corporate governance codes, legislation, stock exchange listing requirements and continuing obligations.

Professional Team Management

At Samora & First we believe that prudence requires that every company should hire the services of a qualified, experienced and competent company secretary, who adds value to the business. We offer the best outsourced legal, compliance and corporate secretarial services, enabling management to focus on the implementation of strategy and operational issues and allowing the board to focus on strategic and oversight matters, with the full knowledge that all regulatory and compliance issues rest in professional and experienced hands.


We cover the following areas


Company Secretarial Services

Samora & First Strategy & IP Consultants will act as or assist the company secretary on an outsourced basis to fulfill his or her duties and responsibilities effectively and efficiently. The team has vast experience in corporate law, compliance, strategic, secretarial and corporate governance responsibilities for both listed and unlisted companies.

Management of Meetings

We provide a broad spectrum of board, shareholder and other stakeholder meetings including preparation and editing of all documentation such as reports, agenda, notices, minutes, stakeholder communication, attendance at meetings, board annual work plans, and corporate governance framework (including policy formulation and use of best practices).

Board Assessments and Evaluations

We undertake assessments and evaluation of the effectiveness of the Board and skills set required as well as the performance of the board, its committees and individual directors. In addition, we will make recommendations for the achievement of effectiveness and efficiency.

Governance Support and Guidance

Our team of experts believes in the use and implementation of international best practices, taking into account the global nature of governance and its impact on the corporate world. We offer deep insight and support on the powers, duties and responsibilities of both management and the board; including national corporate governance codes and International Best Practices.

Statutory and Regulatory Support

We assist in maintaining statutory records for private, public and non-profit organisations. This service includes among other things, the drafting and preparation of all resolutions and relevant documentation as well as lodgment of annual returns.

Legal Compliance

Samora & First assists with both basic and specialised legal advice by conducting legal reviews, preparation of opinions on commercial transactions and contract management compliance audit services. We provide and assist our clients in meeting legislation and regulatory requirements.

Board Induction and Training

We also provide Board induction services for new board members as well as continuous training on directors’ duties, responsibilities and liabilities, effective board meetings and governance, company secretary and compliance officers’ training.

Consulting and Advisory Notes

We provide practical and value-added opinions on all matters related to compliance and good governance.